Do you screen print the shirt?

Yes, we are a full service screen printer. We print up to 14 colors, 4-color process, index printing and many specialty techniques.

Can you do screen print only?

Yes, we compress most jobs, but are happy to produce shirts that are not compressed.

What kind of shirts can you compress?

We can compress any 100% cotton product as long as it does not have buttons, snaps or zippers. We also compress most types, colors, and sizes of t-shirts, towels, bandannas or tote bags.

Do the wrinkles wash out?

Most wrinkles will come out in the first wash. Some of the smaller shapes may require an additional wash.

How will my client know the size of the shirts?

We will print the size of the shirt on the insert card

How many shapes do you have?

Thousands and many of our shapes will work as multiple items

Can I have a custom shape?

Yes, we engineer the molds right here in our facility

Does the shirt screen print show through the shrink wrap?

No, the shirt is covered with a full color insert card that will depict the image of your choice. The image on the insert card does not have to be the same image that you have printed on the shirt. We suggest doing a simple screen print and include your full marketing message on the insert card.

How do you get them into that shape?

Our patented process uses specially built machinery and tremendous pressure.

What is an insert card?

The insert card displays your logo, product or promotional theme through the compressed package. They can be used as business reply cards, coupons, gift cards, surveys, sign up sheets, or to provide information on products and services. We can also replace them with stickers or other flat shaped items such as CD’s or booklets.

Do you have stock art we can use?

Yes we have stock insert card art for the majority of our shapes.

How does CompressT fit into my Marketing Mix?

CompressT is ideal for gift with purchase, trade show giveaways, new product launch, client appreciation, direct mail and more.

Case Studies

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